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The law firm Becker a Poliakoff, s.r.o. provides comprehensive legal assistance relating to the following areas:
Furthermore, it specializes in and provides legal consultancy in the areas of:

Business law and Corporate law

Within this agenda, we provide our clients primarily with the following legal assistance:
In addition, we arrange comprehensive consultancy assistance relating to tax optimization on both the Czech and international levels in cooperation with top experts in the area of tax law.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Within this specialization, we have considerable experience in legal consultancy in terms of transferring shares or ownership shares, whether it be during their sale or during their acquisition; moreover, we possess experience in terms of transfers of a business (or a part thereof) and hiring a business (or a part thereof).
Legal assistance provided by our law firm in relation to the above-mentioned areas usually includes the following:
Merger and acquisition issues are carried out by the expert team of Becker a Poliakoff, s.r.o., which not only consists of experienced attorneys, but of other experts in the fields of economics, accounting and tax law. We are thus able to provide the ultimate comprehensive services in the sphere of M&A.

Competition Law

Having knowledge of the decision-making practices and procedures of the Office for the Protection of Competition as well as administrative courts, we provide:


Based on our extensive experience and our know-how which primarily includes consultancy in the area of renewable energy resources (mainly solar and wind power stations, biogas stations and cogeneration units) in the area of mining and processing of mineral resources and in the area of proceedings before the Energy Regulatory Office, we provide:


In the area of personal data protection, we provide our clients with full documentation, including negotiations with the Office for Personal Data Protection. This includes agenda related to the collection of personal data for marketing purposes, or related to property protection (CCTV), overlaps of the privacy law onto other sectors (labor law or the protection of personality rights).

Consumer protection

In the area of consumer law we particularly focus on:

EU Law

Within European Union law, we can offer our expert knowledge of legal provisions relating to the EU internal market, including the decision-making practices of EU judiciary institutions, which enables our clients to develop their business activities throughout the EU. We work very closely with the consultancy firm BXL Consulting s.r.o. based in Brussels, which allows us to directly address institutions both at the EU level and at the level of individual member states. Within the framework of EU law and its extensive issues, we provide legal support in a wide range of areas, particularly the following:

Real estate law and construction law

We provide extensive legal services in the fields of construction law and real estate law. In the domain of construction law, we can provide the following:
Besides construction law, we are ready to provide legal consultancy regarding all facets of real estate law, such as:
Furthermore, we draft contracts of purchase, contracts of lease and contracts of bailment, contracts on the establishment of a real burden or analogical law, including the assurance of approval by the appropriate administrative authority.

Labor Law

We provide comprehensive legal consultancy on labor law and related areas (such as employment, collective bargaining, human resources, trade unions issues, social security and insurance associated with an employment relationship). We provide legal assistance both to employers when selecting streamlined solutions in employing people and all related labor law issues, as well as to employees when dealing with various life labor law situations. Our legal practice in this regard also includes representation in negotiations with trade unions and defense of the occupational interests of clients before various authorities. Naturally, we ensure an individual, professional and discreet approach. Part of our legal services in this regard is the preparation of all labor law documentation, representation of counterparties in labor law litigation, as well as representing clients when negotiating with their counterparty.

Gaming law

In the field of gaming law, we help our clients become familiar with the current legislation and its interpretation by the administrative authorities. Our services in this respective field of law include the following:

Litigation agenda (Legal and arbitration proceedings, debt recovery)

We provide comprehensive legal services relating to both intrastate disputes and international arbitration, including the issue of administrative justice and tax proceedings. We are prepared to represent our clients and provide them with full professional support during all stages of the proceedings, that is, from the initial analysis of the client’s situation and planning of the appropriate process strategy, up to the moment of proceedings before the courts of appeals and extraordinary appeals. Our experience in this regard also includes representing clients in proceedings before various administrative authorities or regulatory bodies in the fields of competition, intellectual property and others.

Administrative proceedings and justice

Based on our knowledge of the decision-making practices and procedures of administrative bodies and administrative courts, we provide legal consultancy in relation to all activities of administrative bodies, as well as:

Telecommunications, media and intellectual property law

We provide comprehensive services to ensure the protection of the intellectual property of our clients. Our legal services include the following:
Within the scope of our clients’ marketing activities, we also provide consultations on the management of personal data, databases and their protection.
Services provided in this area include:
We possess many years of experience, particularly in the fields of copyright law and trademark law. Our attorneys have participated in the creation of licensing contracts in various spheres that involve intellectual property rights (for example, software, artistic and literary works and trademarks); they have experience in maintaining litigation agenda, from consultations related to conciliation attempts, via preparation of drafts and submissions, up to representation in administrative and judicial proceedings, among others, in the following cases:
Attorneys of the law firm Becker a Poliakoff, s.r.o. are representing or formerly represented the following entities in areas of trademark law matters associated with trademark registration, proving the distinctiveness of trademarks, generally recognized trademarks, transfers, licensing contracts and litigation agenda:  

Public procurements and selection procedures/ tenders

In the area of ??public procurement and selection procedures, we specialize in legal advice which we provide both to public and private entities, whether they hold the position of a contracting authority of (public) procurement or the position of a tenderer. We provide legal assistance both in the area of public procurement (public procurement and concessions) and in the area of procurement by purely private-law entities (selection procedures/tenders). We represent our clients in both administrative and legal proceedings relating to procurement. Within the framework of our services, we specialize in the following areas:  
The aim of our legal advice is the utter elimination of risks for the contracting authorities and tenderers at all stages of the procurement and selection proceedings.