Real estate law and construction law

We are largely engaged in providing legal services in the field of construction law and real estate law. In the field of construction law we provide:

  • services consisting mainly in negotiations with administrative bodies (building authorities, cadastral offices, etc.)
  • preparation of proposals concerning proceedings before these authorities (zoning, building regulations, deposit proceedings and registration in the real estate cadastre)
  • representation in specific areas of real estate law, such as hunting law or nature and landscape protection law (establishment of a reserve, hunting law, protected areas, etc.)
  • representation in legal matters related to roads

In addition to construction law, we are ready to provide legal advice on all matters related to real estate, such as:

  • rental and leasing of real estate
  • property rights
  • co-ownership relations, including relations of the association of owners of housing units (e.g. construction contracts, owner’s declaration)

We also prepare contracts of purchase, lease, pledge, and contracts on the establishment of easements or similar rights, including ensuring their approval by the relevant administrative authority.