Public procurement and tenders

In the field of public procurement and tenders, we focus on legal advice to public and private entities, whether they are in the position of the (public) contracting authority for a contract or in the position of the tenderer. We provide legal services both in the area of ​​public procurement (public contracts and concessions) and in the area of ​​awarding contracts by purely private entities (tenders). We represent clients in administrative and judicial proceedings that follow the awarding of contracts. As part of our services, we specialise in the following areas:

  • preparation of legal opinions on the optimal procedure to be employed by a contracting authority in the field of public procurement and tenders
  • setting up the contracting authority’s internal procedures (internal normative acts, methodologies), awarding public contracts or awarding concessions
  • preparation of specimen documents within the tender (selection) procedure
  • comprehensive implementation (“turnkey”) of the tender (concession) procedure according to the specific needs of the client
  • preparation of legal risk analyses of the procedure employed by public and private contracting authorities
  • providing legal advice on individual steps of public and private contracting authorities
  • revision of the completeness and correctness of the tenders submitted by participants for (public) contract tenders
  • representing clients in proceedings before the Office for the Protection of Competition or courts in matters of public procurement
  • preparation of documentation for archiving according to the Public Procurement Act
  • preparation and implementation of tenders outside the regime of the Public Procurement Act
  • assessment of the procedure of the public and private contracting authority from the point of view of economy, economic and tax optimization

The aim of our legal advice is to eliminate the risks to contracting authorities and tenderers as much as possible in all stages of the procurement and selection procedure.